Our consulting services range from one-time consultations to solve a problem or implement a device driver to large-scale projects in which we work with both our clients and IBM technical support to ensure your systems are operating the way they should—all the time.

On small-scale projects, our clients appreciate that we can quickly determine what problem needs to be fixed, then provide the solution for a reasonable price and with little downtime. For ongoing projects on a retainer basis, Ease Software will work directly with your business and IBM support to solve problems quickly.

Our clients also appreciate that what we do is entirely self-managed. Show us the smoke, and we’ll find the fire, without unnecessary downtime to the business, or your valuable time wasted. We can also help clients with overall system management, advice and general programming, as well as overcome past consulting problems.


Need a bug fixed—or several? Years of experience working with RS/6000, AIX and other IBM systems has given us the insight to quickly identify issues with applications, device drivers and kernel extensions. Not only can we debug AIX, but we can also fix bugs in the overall code, so neither your business, nor your customers, suffers the consequences—and you won’t have to call in another expert.

Our fixed-price service packages for device drivers or kernel extensions include the completed driver, packaging, ODM, configuration, and SMIT panels, plus a year of support. Our specialty is AIX, and your business gets that expertise on a regular basis with Ease Software. We make AIX work for you, plain and simple.

3rd party software debugging (per bug)
$ 2,000
Standard device driver
$ 50,000
10 hour monthly retainer
$ 2,500
20 hour monthly retainer
$ 5,000

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