Ease Software provides consulting services and technical support for clients who use IBM’s AIX operating system. Every day, new features are added to AIX because users and growing businesses are demanding them, yet the documentation and support for those new features is often slow to appear.

The principals of Ease Software spent many years at IBM, worked on AIX RS/6000 since its inception in 1988 and offer clients the latest in documentation, support and new features. The bottom line is that we have what it takes to make—and keep—your business productive by ensuring your systems are also working.

We also serve as a direct vendor to IBM and have provided consulting services to IBM’s AIX support and development teams since 1995. Our clients are businesses of all sizes, including Sun Microsystems, EMC and Adaptec. By using our knowledge of how AIX and RS/6000 systems work together, we can add considerable value to your business. After all, if your systems are working, chances are that everything else is, too.